I’m Lucy, and I'm an illustrator working in Dorset specialising in narratives and editorial work. My comics range from one page topic based pieces to extended narratives - I usually work from my own writing both fiction and prose, but I am also interested in responding to other authors texts. This feeds into my editorial work, as integration of text and commentary are important to my process.  I love to read non-fiction, particularly art history of the Renaissance and 20th century true crime.

I get my inspiration from niche pop culture- I am slightly obsessed with professional wrestling and mid-century girl's annuals. Also, currently the highly saturated and mass produced products marketed at young women of the 1970s, sickly sweet confectionary advertising, french educational classroom posters and off beat product and packaging design in general are influences on my designs. 

Get in touch with me via email at LucyARMcCarthy@Gmail.com or on my Instagram page at @LucyAMcCarthy.

(c) Lucy McCarthy

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